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La Galerie Nationale is a gallery specialized in Original Art furniture made by top designers representing the 20th century. The twentieth century, one of the most prolific periods in design, the birthplace of generations of extraordinary designers handling all the Art forms, mastering new material while still managing the feat of making them useful and usable. Few of these original items still exist. La Galerie Nationale is promoting these outstanding designers and offers these exceptional objects to collectors. With twenty years of experience in France and Europe, the gallery has a representative gallery in Dubai at Alserkal Avenue.

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New exhibition: « Moment of Inertia », Arnaud Rivieren

New exhibition: « Moment of Inertia », Arnaud Rivieren

Arnaud Rivieren transforms stainless steel beams and heavy machinery into forms that defy their material rigidity and industrial origins. Using cast-off material sourced from Jebel Ali, Rivieren’s sculptures are created in a ‘moment of inertia’: he heats steel until it begins to bend rotationally under its own weight, and thereby creates smooth, circular beams – without beginning or end – and free-balancing curves.

Rivieren creates a quiet rapport between fluidity and formal rigour. Simultaneously, the works operate on a second, spatial ‘moment of inertia’. As the viewer walks around these sculptures, curved steel beams align and interact – creating wave-like shapes, interrupted circles and visual puns when viewed from different angles. Meanwhile, counter-balanced tensions hold these works together, and there is a fundamental contradiction between this tenuous balance and the factory or foundry atmosphere that the materials of the works emerged from.

In this way, Rivieren creates dynamic oppositions in his work – between manmade and primitive, momentum and inertia. With reference to the severed curves of Bernar Venet and Marino di Teana’s architectural sensibility, each of these six sculptures hinge on the artist’s passion for steel and his desire to turn the raw elements of industry, which surround him in his dayjob in Dubai, into forms that can contradict their own perceived fixedness.

Rivieren has had solo exhibitions at B21 Gallery (2006 and 2008), Dubai; Gallery Leila Heller in New York (2009) and LKFF, Brussels, in 2011. In 2012, his installation ‘Paper Plane’ was presented in the heart of Brussels and at Parc Egmont as part of Art Brussels’s Art in the City programme. His works were exhibited in the Belgian Pavilion during Shanghai World Expo 2010 and he has participated in the first two editions of Bastakiya Art fair. Moment of Inertia is Rivieren’s second solo exhibition at La Galerie Nationale.

Preview: Sunday 2 November from 7 to 10 pm

The exhibition runs from 3 November, 2014 until 4 January, 2015

Founding Act Exhibition: 15 september to 9 november 2014

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