Les Dalos

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Les Dalo (french)

Daniel DEROCK, Loc de BAILLIENCOURT: Les DaloDaniel DEROCK et Loïc de BAILLIENCOURT, aka Les Dalo, have always been artists, but when they started to play with clay ... "It was a trap," said Loïc us.

This archivist and responsible scientific mission were much longer once the hands in the earth. But passion is not much without the knowledge and technical mastery, so they each followed practical training as well as theoretical, and together they set up since 2007.

If the infinite plasticity of the material allows all creative experiments, it is the 50-80 years that inspire their shapes and glazes. Their creations duet fall in line with the French ceramist tradition and echo the works of Georges Jouve, or Pol Chambost Jean and Robert Cloutier.

Their unique pieces, turned or modeled, are performed at 4 hands.

This production is divided between:

Utilitarian pieces of stoneware, decorated with a brush or dressed glazes stemming from their research;

Decorative pieces, sculptural and figurative generally, stoneware or earthenware.

Figurative lines initially, have lengthened and refined to become the face of both antique and ethnic Idol, The recurring figure in their contemporary works reminds prehistoric idols of early ceramics. The face so ancient and yet so modern vases Idols has captivated fans and collectors all over the world, they land today in Dubai.